Through the black door

A four episode animation for a mature audience, following the investigations of small time podcaster, Steve Stephenson, into the strange world of the paranormal. His adventures, becoming increasingly surreal, leave him feeling unhinged and fearful for his life. 

Watch the trailer below  for a glimpse of the extras on The Extended Cut of episode two.

Episode One – The Book That Wasn’t There.  You hear about a book that randomly appears in a Brighton book shop every five years.  Anyone who reads the book is driven mad or disappears.  Your first thought is “I need to find that book!”  You deserve everything that happens to you.

Episode Two – The Paradox of Doctor Strange Loop.  Steve Stephenson did not expect reality shifts and demons when he interviewed a mathematics genius in a supermarket store.  Still, at least he got to use his loyalty card.

Episode Three – A Private Members Club.  Eli Hoffman arranges for Steve to experience real magic although it looks suspiciously like S & M role play!  Is Max Marshall the real deal or just a sleazy, balding, Aleister Crowley knock off?  His clothes are nice…when he wears them.

Episode Four – Last Dance on Brighton Pier.  Steve reluctantly agrees to meet his sister, Karen, on Brighton Pier after decades apart.  It turns out not to be his best decision.  It turns out Karen may be the key to all the recent strangeness.

Choose your version.  There are two edits for episodes two, three and four, The YouTube Cut (free on YouTube) and The Extended Cut that you can download directly from this site or Gumroad for $1.  All funds go to the creative team who provided their talents free of charge.

Download directly from

” This book, since the 18th century just appears in a Brighton bookshop…every five years.  Anyone who reads the book is driven mad… or disappears “

Steve Stephenson

” Steve, don’t fuck me around…I’m not known for my patience “

Eli Hoffman

” You’re absolutely fucking mad, absolutely fucking mad.  You have no idea.  It’ll get you killed. “

Shelly Nash

” So, I ask you, my friend, do you trust your reality?  Do you feel…safe? “

The Unknown Narrator
This is Daunfarm

Steve Stephenson, as played by Carl Anderson, originally sprang to life in a video experiment with green screen and 3D generated environments.  He came to a grisly end but refused to disappear from my dreams, forcing himself back to reality in what became the audio drama The Book That Wasn’t There.  He wasn’t satisfied with two stories, however, and the remaining episodes appeared in further dreams forming the series you are reading about now.  The central question being, why does he pursue paranormal stories?

Available for free on all major podcast services.

For those that prefer a visual medium, a companion motion comic is available for download.  The motion comic includes additional scenes that may help you understand what is really happening. 

You can purchase the motion comic from this website on the Purchase Motion Comic page.

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